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Diskutiere 6280 Firmware Changelogs im Nokia 6280 Forum Forum im Bereich Nokia Probleme; Hi Da einige hier immer wieder nachfragen, was denn an den jeweiligen Firmware-Versionen eigentlich verändert wurde, habe ich mal ein wenig...

  1. cuco88

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    Dabei seit:

    Da einige hier immer wieder nachfragen, was denn an den jeweiligen Firmware-Versionen eigentlich verändert wurde, habe ich mal ein wenig recherchiert und folgende Liste zusammengestellt. Leider sind die Infos nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.60 to version 3.65:
    - Call and network management
    - Selecting either of the options "Set Contrast" or "Video Motion" during
    a video call improved
    - Receiving an incoming call from Samsung SGH Z300 improved
    - Connectivity
    - Activation of stream link improved
    - Streaming (on demand) resume improvement after rejecting incoming
    video call
    - Improvement when user browse to some specific streaming page
    - The streaming is not paused when entering the options menu, but
    keeps running in the background
    - MMS
    - Receiving of MMS improved
    - Handling of the corrupted 3gp video files improved
    - Messages having undefined length are not saved to the inbox
    - E-mail
    - Retrieving E-mails improved
    x Level 1 x Level 2 x Level 3 x Level 4 Ref.
    RM-78 SB-012 Copyright © Nokia Corporation 2006
    - Disconnecting after retreiving E-mail improved
    - Applications
    - Changing to full-screen during streaming improved
    - Playing music files (AAC) in Music Player improved
    - Support for .3ga files added
    - Synchronization in calendar improved
    - Receiving multiple AAC frames improved
    - Audio can be heard again also after pausing and resuming video streaming
    - Handling of the downloaded Real tone improved
    - When an incoming call is interrupting a streaming video session, the video counter is reset when streaming is resumed
    - SIM
    - SATK: sending service messages improved
    - When using USIM cards without the EF LI file, text “SIM language not available. Insert USIM card” is changed to "SIM card does not support SIM language"
    - Memory allocation optimized when the text has a maximum length of 2000 characters
    - Opening some specific Web pages improved
    - Message alert tone volume is improved
    - The icon is displayed when Voicemail is received
    - Video ringingtone text changed
    - JVM improvement with Opera Mini application
    - Contact can be saved from missed call logs
    - Updating header text when renaming profiles improved
    - Operator list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MUC SW version 3.65 to version 3.81:
    - Call and network management
    - Dialling *188 for video conference service improved
    - Improvement for a waiting call sound when used in the speaker mode
    - "End active call and answer video call" is displayed when received a waiting video call
    - Improvement when a voice call is rejected while streaming
    - Streaming
    - Activation of video stream links improved
    - Synchronization of voice and video optimized
    - Improvement when starting a streaming session from HTTP URL inserted in a MMS
    - Messaging
    - Message is marked as "received" as soon as it is saved in inbox and the indicator is not displayed
    - Resending of SMSs improved
    - Improvement when receiving advertisement message
    - MMS Forwarding improved when MMS received from Samsung ZV10
    - Improvement when Bluetooth activated and it is tried to compose a MMS with a big video clip
    - Improvement when downloading MMS's composed on Samsung E700 containing a picture, sound and Hebrew text
    - IM Invitation improved
    - XHTML
    - The search function for some web pages improved
    - SIM
    - Using of SIMT ATK Application over SMS class 2 improved
    - Handling of SIM card improved enabling to switch profiles when Push to Talk activated
    - Audio recording improved when the phone’s memory is totally full
    - Improvement in a file handling of voice recorder
    - Saving of selected 'video motion' values improved
    - Saving of new bookmarks improved
    - SW support for new RF component added
    - Operator name list updated

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.81 to version 5.92:
    - Call and network management
    - Establishing a voice call while sending video sharing invitation improved
    - Functioning of DTMF tones improved
    - Functioning of video conference service improved
    - Displaying network name during manual network scanning improved
    - Selecting Dualmode improved
    - GPRS
    - Compatibility of video call with LG phone improved
    - EGPRS: When streaming improved
    - Streaming of 128 kb video improved
    - 3G-2G handover improved, when using GPRS in Car kit
    - SMS
    - Handling of empty files improved
    - Reading SMSaE™s during startup improved
    - Accessing SMS stored in SIM card improved
    - Handling of SMSC details improved
    - MMS
    - Moving messages and receiving message notifications at the same time improved
    - Composing a video clip when Bluetooth is turned on improved
    - Receiving a MMS with different content (audio + video + text) improved
    - Sending and receiving MMS simultaneously improved
    - Receiving and handling advertisement message improved
    - Replaying of MMS and SMS messages improved
    - WAP
    - Streaming service via WAP improved
    - Receive more than one WAP push message improved
    - XHTML
    - Viewing CNN's pages improved
    - Streaming sessions stability improved
    - Applications
    - New words entered into dictionary and storing them for later use improved
    - Improvement when playing music file after the video call is just ended
    - Making an audio recording when the phone memory is full improved
    - Playing videos from Planet 3 link in gallery from Media Player improved
    - Support for Homezone improved
    - SIM
    - Compatibility with RUIM SIM cards improved
    - Improvement for Class 2 messages
    - Reading the voice mail number from the USIM card improved
    - In silent mode functioning of vibra optimized
    - In Italian displaying voice recorder file name during recording improved
    - In Hebrew making the breaks in the text has been improved
    - Connect to Bluetooth headset BH-900 improved
    - Streaming audio file from an unsupported format improved
    - Loudspeaker and PoC tone levels improved
    - Support for 1000 contacts SIM cards improved
    - Functioning of instant messaging improved
    - Starting up the phone improved
    - Voice mailbox number can be changed after the first time setting
    - Changing video call ringing tone and previewing videos saved in the folder improved
    - Updating the video mailbox number improved
    - Operator list updated
    - New supported features
    - Sending of multiple files using “File Send”
    - FOTA
    - Progressive download
    - USIM/ISIM support for 3GPP IMS authentication/registration
    - Real-time video sharing application (both video and speech)
    - Support for stereo BT headset (A2DP)
    - Ability to launch MIDlet on SD card from native code
    - SVGT 1.1 non-Latin fonts
    - BT SDAP (Service Discovery Application Profile)
    - OPN and SPN is shown in separate fields
    - Customizing the calendar (alarm) event tone
    - Copy - Paste Support for Editors
    - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC – decoding only
    - Add recipient from Call List
    - Flight mode
    - Remember recently entered Go to addresses in a browser
    - Audio volume adjustment with volume keys, while running Java midlets
    - Scaling from QCIF to QVGA quality when streaming
    - Using documents in XML and SOAP formats within java programs
    - MMS API (Wireless Messaging API 2.0)
    - PoC with Bluetooth Headset / Handsfree
    - Storing of holidays in Calendar
    - Holidays is distinguished from other notes in Calendar
    - BT Handsfree Profile 1.5.
    - Phonebook groups support for starting PTT dial out call
    - Support for MSISDN in PoC group invitation
    - Multimedia Players to support WMA
    - New Contact Detail Fields in Phonebook
    - Skip MMS editor when sending
    - Vibra feedback in startup/shutdown
    - Email IV client
    - Support EF-EHPLMN field in USIM
    - SVG - support for opacity and gradients in SVG
    - Extended use of camera landscape mode
    - Mobile 3D Graphics API v1.1
    - Java Calculator
    - Support 3GPP or 3GPP2 as ring tone/message alert
    - Factory reset to restore variant settings
    - "Call divert" added to 'Go to' options"
    - Video Screensaver doesn’t mute music player
    - Prevent SDP files from being forwarded

    (Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 5.92 to version 5.94:
    - WAP
    - Improvement of the stack functionality
    - Improvement in the Java handling
    - MMS
    - Improvement in the scaling algorithm
    - Bluetooth/IRDA
    - Improvement in memory handling.
    - Version upgraded for Calculator, Converter II, Nokia 6280 intro, QQ, World clock, Visual Radio, E-mail, Instant Messaging, Golf Tour, Rally 3D and Snake III
    - Operator name list updated)
    meines Wissens Vodafone spezifisch, daher eingeklammert...

    Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 5.92 to version 6.10:
    - Call and network management
    - Font size setting option available for contacts
    - Improved handling of incoming calls during video streaming
    - Messaging
    - Dictionary option available
    - MMS functionality improved
    - HTTP Loader Context creation improved
    - Email address length value modified
    - Improvement in the scaling algorithm
    - Browser
    - Stability of Opera browser improved
    - Improvement of the stack functionality
    - Improvement in the Java handling
    - Games
    - Left and Right Controls of Rally 3D improved
    - Bluetooth/IRDA
    - Improved transfer of DRM SD protected content
    - Loudspeaker volume redefined
    - Video streaming optimized
    - UAProfile updated
    - Version upgraded for Calculator, Converter II, Nokia 6280 intro, QQ, World clock, Visual Radio, E-mail, Instant Messaging, Golf Tour, Rally 3D and Snake III
    - Operator Name list updated

    aktuellste Version: 6.43 (noch nicht released)

    Ciao Tobias
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  3. #2 soeschelz, 30.05.2007

    soeschelz Neuer Benutzer

    Dabei seit:
    Weiß jemand wann 6.43 releast wird oder was für änderungen da noch kommen sollen?

    Du hast die doch schon. Woher? und was weißt du darüber?
  4. cuco88

    cuco88 Erfahrener Benutzer

    Dabei seit:
    Ich weiß nicht, wann die ofiziell released wird.
    Änderungen wird es bis dahin aber wohl nicht mehr geben, ansonten gibs eine neue Versionsnummer. Es wird eben nur entschieden, ob sie veröffentlicht wird oder nicht.

    Woher kann/darf ich nicht sagen... Privat per Mail zugeschickt bekommen von "Kontakten".
    Was ich darüber weiß, ist wenig. Eigentlich nur, dass es wohl kaum Änderungen zur 6.10 gibt. Das einzige, was ich an Funktionen bisher festellen konnte, ist, dass die Anwendungsliste, mit der man Anwendungen in die Favoriten einfügt, jetzt wieder geht. Bei 6.1 sagte diese ja, dass keine Anwendungen installiert seien. Sobald ich nen Changelog finde, werde ich den hier auch posten. Aber bisher findet man bei Goolge noch reichlich wenig über 6.43 ...

    Ciao Tobias
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