N80 Firmwareupdate ist online

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    Hallo N80-Gemende,

    heute habe ich erfahren, daß ein Firmwareupdate auf den UK-Servern zum selberupdaten bereitliegt.

    Der Link dazu:


    Es werden das USB-Kabel, das Telefon und ein halbwegs aktueller PC benötigt.
    Ich habe mir gerade das Nokia-Updatprogramm geladen und flashe sobald mein Akku voll ist.

    Denkt unbedingt an einen vollen Akku beim flashen und die vorhandenen Daten sichern mit PC-Suite o.ä.! Das Telefon wird zurückgesetzt, es bleiben meines Wissens KEINE Daten wie Bilder oder sonstige Programme erhalten. Also vollständiges Backup ist Pflicht!
    Ich werde auch vorsichtshalber meine Speicherkarte aus dem Telefon nehmen.

    Fröhliches flashen wünscht
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    Alles klasse gelaufen. Ich habe den Updater gestartet, er fand die aktuelle Software, von dort aus lief alles automatisch bis zur Meldung, daß ich das Telefon wieder benutzen kann.

    Jetzt habe ich die aktuelle Firmware drauf inklusiver der neuen Softwarezusätze wie Acrobat, Antivirus und die Suche.
  3. #3 DEDE2005, 04.10.2006

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    Ist den viel neues dabei?

    Welche ist das den dann?

    mit der 0.42 am ende?
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    Dabei seit:
    Es ist diese:


    Es ist wohl schon eine ausgiebige Liste mit Bugfixes bzw. mit Neuerungen. Ich habe die Liste irgendwo auf Englisch gelesen. Einfach mal nach Googeln...

    Wichtiger waren mir, daß die neue Firmware jetzt die Bugfixes für die Bluetoothprobleme und die Antivirussoft.

    Bis jetzt läuft das Handy sehr stabil, keinerlei Probleme.
  5. #5 DEDE2005, 04.10.2006

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    Dabei seit:

    Aber warum warst du so auf einen Antivirus? Sind Viren den so häufig.?

    Ich hab meine letztens gelöscht...

  6. #6 anntworten, 04.10.2006

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    Dabei seit:
    Weiß nicht, einfach besseres Gefühl...

    Die Liste finde ich jetzt nicht auf die Schnelle. Ich müsste mich durche einen 43-Seiten-Foren-Post durcharbeiten. Das bestimmt nicht mehr heute abend neben der Arbeit :)
  7. Molker

    Molker Guest

    Bei dem Link zeigt er mir an das die Seite nicht gefunden wurde. Wer kann helfen?
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    Dabei seit:
  9. #9 anntworten, 05.10.2006

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    Huch, haben die so schnell die URL schon wieder geändert? Der server war bestimmt mit downloads zugeschüttet. Nahezu jeder N80-Besitzer war wohl gestern am saugen der Soft
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    hier übrigens die Änderungen von der alten zur neuen Version:

    26.08.06 Firmwareänderungen zwischen 3.0614.0.3 und 4.0623.0.41

    Firmwareänderungen zwischen 3.0614.0.3 und 4.0623.0.41

    Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No.

    New features
    * When there is a headset connected then it is possible to close the slide without ending the call
    * Support for Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 has been added (No support for DRM)
    * Adobe PDF Reader has been added
    * Mobile Search has been added
    * Antivirus has been added
    * FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) pull is enabled in some variants

    * Backup cannot read midlet when midlet is running before backup starts
    * Contacts database is in use if client remains open during backup/restore
    * Java midlet data is not restored
    * Panics if java hash information was not parsed successfully
    * SIS files are not restored after backup/restore
    * Midlets installed to drive other than (C:) not backed up or restored
    * Package data file restoration problem when directory doesn't already exist
    * Backup/Restore failed to restore assigned Speed Dial numbers

    * Improvements to stability of long term connections
    * Switching on BT On ->off-> on can cause phone menu to lock up and disappear

    * Browser memory usage reduction when browsing many sites
    * WAP Push correction for CSL
    * Remove anti-aliasing for Chinese fonts
    * www.kauppalehti.fi login causes connection timed out
    * Stop browser loading images when memory low

    * Meeting end date does not span correctly if user changes device timezone to greater than current value
    * Received recurring vCal entry is not saved to calendar
    * Calendar alarm time imported incorrectly from S40 device
    * Calendar editor erases subject field if you edit a full subject field
    * Calendar crashes when changing repeat rule on an entry
    * The anniversary alarm never goes off
    * 100 consecutive alarms does not alert
    * Due date and start date are mixed in ToDo items -> ToDo alarm can not be stopped
    * Calendar Options->Delete entry->All entries fails to delete exceptions to recurring meetings.
    * Change in time zone results in incorrect alarm date.
    * System error and product freezes with certain Calendar note
    * Lunar Calendar information is not available for dates before 1980
    * Last instance of repeating meeting is lost, if repeating meeting is modified in Outlook
    * Unable to dismiss calendar alarm
    * Repeating calendar entries

    * Manual network selection freezes the phone if there is active PDP context
    * Display wrong operator name "1" in Manual Selection list

    * Bitmap corruption in thumbnails
    * Camera localisation error fix (Localised Slovak) Camera: Wrong grammar form of Automatic used in Scene Set-up

    - Backslash character not properly handled when contact is copied to memory card Data
    * Call Back Access Point does not call back
    * Rare Stability problems in TCP/IP

    Device Manager
    * Display FOTA help for FOTA enabled variants

    * Certain animated Gif files do not play when opened from Images and Videos folder
    * Screen becomes black for a second right after playing video file saved in memory card
    * Wrong Presentation icon is shown in the Gallery.
    * BT Image Print - Phone is stuck at Cancelling screen
    * PictBridge/HP475 - Phone hangs at cancelling screen after cancelling a pictbridge print job on HP475 printer
    * Video file is not played if opening from File Manager while another is paused on the background.
    * DRM image can't be zoomed in if the last right is in use.
    * The display position of AnimatedGIF file is incorrect.
    * New Camera Images do not appear in Gallery if Gallery is open
    * The Animated GIF file, which has copyright protection of valid Consumable Rights(count=5) can be played more than 5 times.
    * 3gp playback incorrect when there are many images on memory card
    * No help topics available in Music Settings View.
    * Issues with recognizing new mimetypes

    * Fallback when help directory is empty
    * Memory Card
    * Improve FAT mount performance by increasing FAT cache granularity
    * Particular 256MB MiniSD card gives "Windows was unable to complete the format" when formatting under WinXP.
    * Memory card unlocking does not work if no card inserted while phone booted
    * Fix for memory card missing on soft reset

    * Forwarded attachments visible as unsupported files in attachments view
    * Envelope icon doesn't stop blinking until phone is rebooted
    * E-mail : It takes too long to attach contacts via e-mail.
    * Message stays in outbox (until rebooted) after cancelling infrared transmission
    * Fixes MMS postcard image import size issue
    * Obex crash with corrupted obex header
    * Extra space at end of word when typing '/' character
    * Can't receive message when using China Unicon dual mode card
    * Add any file type to email attachment options
    * Incorrect number is shown in note when fetching emails
    * IMAP: Crash after trying to retrieve an email when there's no network coverage
    * Message Viewer takes 39 seconds to display long unicode message
    * Link Highlight in automatic find does not wrap to next line in mixed URL/number
    * Data cannot be shown and deleted when save a large vCard which received by IrDA.

    * Progressive JPEG codec doesn't compress heap after decoding

    Music Player
    * Music player will be terminated forcefully at the time of selecting searched data when the [Mark all] selected in track list creation.

    - Sending many UDP packets results in not all packets reaching the recipient. Real Player
    * Large chunk video break up
    * Unresponsive RealPlayer after streaming

    * No post after user cancel JAR download
    * Exes are launched by Installer App before EULA is accepted
    * Installer crashes when uninstalling software
    * App. installed in other phone to memory card, shortcut to it is shown in test phone
    * Reset loop with certain (filesystem partly corrupted) MiniSD card
    * Application Manager: Application loses list of installed applications

    * Session ID in server notification (package #0) is not taken into use by DM client
    * Synchronisation fails if entering more than 2 entries in Calendar of the handset with synchronisation setting as "None"

    * Unknown authorisation request causes media server crash.
    * UPnP - Apps Menu path in message for creating WLAN access points is incorrect - localisation of path for all languages.
    * Middle ok button does not work in result window
    * Copying files with ?&? character in
    * Home Network, fix for Music playlist sharing selections not working

    * Mass Storage failure. Bulk Transport handles case badly
    * USB mass storage class doesn't detach from Apple MAC/Tiger

    Video Telephony
    * UE carried no sound or image after the following procedure UE became out-of-coverage during VT communication. Then it originated VT after the VT disconnection.

    The following changes were also included in SW release 3.0618.0.1 which was only available in some markets.

    * DTMF tones now allowed for emergency call created with locked phone

    * RealPlayer updated ? Improved handling for large chunk video break up
    * RealPlayer updated ? Improvements to unresponsive RealPlayer after streaming

    * Settings wizard updated to week 16 release for Taiwan country settings

    * Correction to SAT polling reponse

    * Connecting doesn't succeed after disconnecting N616 car kit and from 3G to 2G * AD15 in Music Player mode has poor sound quality (until volume changed)
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