moderators tryout

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    Hello all,

    Techex – The Forum is about to start the Moderators, Translators, Elite Members tryout.

    As the forum grows, and the need for more follow up and more members the forum, We found that it’s so essential to have new Super Mods, Translators and elite members, with the correspondence skills, so they and we benefit of each others.

    The tryout is a 2 weeks duration that may be exceeded to 1 month depending on the requests. Starting from Monday 14th Nov 2005.

    During this period Techex admins and mods will be able to clarify an image about each joining member, we will see his work, how efficient and how well informed he is.

    As this person joins us, he will be as a normal registered member, and after the period mentioned above we will decide if he will become our new Super mod etc…..

    This is a very promising, make sure you join.

    We will be so pleased for your cooperation,

    Techex - Admin


moderators tryout